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Product name :SCK19D Series PCB Mount Current Transducer

product model:SCK19D-5A .. SCK19D-50A

Series: SCK19D
Ipn (A):5A~50A
Through hole: 8.4mm

SCK19 Series Hall Open Loop Current Sensor is a single power supply open loop current sensor based on Hall effect principle, it can accurately measure DC, AC and pulse current and other various irregular waveforms current in electrical isolation conditions. PCB board mounting way and single power supply, products is potting by imported resin, which has excellent thermal conductivity and scalability.

Supply Voltage:DC + 5V

Output Voltage: DC 2.5V±2.0V or 2.5V ±1.5V

General Data:

Parameters(25°C) Model SCK19D-
5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 50A
Nominal Rms Current (Ipn) ±5A ±10A ±15A ±20A ±25A ±30A ±50A
Input pin size ?8.0
Measuring Range (Ip) 2*Ipn
Load resistance Rmax ≥10kΩ
Output Voltage 2.5±0.5V 2.5±1.5V 2.5±2.0V
Working voltage DC + 5V (±5%)
Accuracy @ Ta=25°C ±0.7% FS
Linearity @ Ta=25°C ±0.7% FS
Withstand voltage 2.5kVrms/50Hz/min
Zero Output 2.5V < ±1%
Offset temperature characteristics < ±0.08%/°C < ±0.05%/°C
Thermal drift of Vo < ±0.2%/°C < ±0.1%/°C
Hysteresis offset < ±20mV (if=F.S. 0<--->Nominal RMS Current)
Response time < 3uS
Current consumption <10mA
Operating temperature -40~+80 °C
Storage temperature -40~+85 °C

Dimensions (in mm. 1mm=0.0394 inch):


1. Single power supply, working voltage: +5 V (± 1% )

2. Voltage output.

3. Zero output is 50% of the supply voltage.

4. Fluctuations in the supply voltage will affect the zero output, it is recommended to add a supply voltage regulator device, such as a zener diode, etc.

5. Users of sample resistor must over than 10KΩ

6. We can customize different current and voltage output according to the user's requirements.

Caution: Incorrect wiring may cause damage to the sensor

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  • [2015-06-24]
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