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Product name :SCK22 Hall-Effect Open Loop Current Sensor

product model:SCK22-100A .. SCK22-500A

Series: SCK22

Ipn: 100-500A

Diameter: 20mm

SCK22 Series Hall Open Loop Current Sensor is a new generation open loop current sensor based on Hall effect principle, it can accurately measure DC, AC and pulse current and other various irregular waveforms current in electrical isolation conditions. PCB board mounting way and single power supply, products is potting by imported resin, which has excellent thermal conductivity and scalability. High-performance core result minimal residual magnetism, all electronic is imported components assembled. Excellent circuit design, it has excellent characteristics with long-term stable operation even in harsh working conditions. Good temperature compensation functions as well. It is deeply trusted and recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

Technical Data:

Parameters(25°C) Model SCK22-
100A 200A 300A 500A
Nominal Input Current (Ipn) ±100AT ±200AT ±300AT ±500AT
Measuring Range (Ip) 200AT 400AT 600AT 1000AT
Load resistance Rmax 10kΩ
Output voltage 2.5 V ±1.5V
Working voltage DC  +5V(±5%)
Accuracy @ Ta=25°C ±1% FS
Linearity @ Ta=25°C ±1% FS
Withstand voltage 3.0kVrms/50Hz/min
Offset Voltage 2.5V  <±1%
Offset temperature characteristics < ±0.05%/°C
Offset voltage temperature characteristics < ±0.1%/°C
Hysteresis offset <±5mV
Response time < 5uS
Current consumption <±15mA
Operating temperature -40~+80 °C
Storage temperature -40~+85 °C

Caution: Incorrect wiring may damage the sensor

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  • [2015-06-23]
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