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Product name :SCD1-AC Series AC & DC Leakage Current Sensor

product model:SCD1-AC-10mA .. SCD1-AC-100mA

Series: SCD1-AC
Ipn: 10~100mA
Diameter: 20mm

Output voltage:±5V (DC) or 5V (AC)

Supply voltage: DC±12V or ±15V

SCD –AC Series AC&DC Leakage Current Sensor/Transducer is a new closed-loop current sensor developed from the application of magnetic modulation principle, excellent stability in tiny currents measurement, with a highly galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuit. It can detect small ac and dc leakage current and widely used in leakage monitoring systems, signaling systems and the current difference measurement etc.

General Data:

Parameters(25°C)     Model SCD1-AC   -10mA SCD1-AC    -20mA SCD1-AC  -50MA SCD1-AC  -100mA
Nominal Rms Current (Ipn) ±10mA ±20mA ±50mA ±100mA
Measuring Range (Ip) 2* Ipn
Load resistance Rmax ≥10kΩ
Output Voltage ±5V(DC)   5V(AC)
Working voltage ±12V~±15V(±5%)
Accuracy @ Ta=25°C ±1% FS
Linearity @ Ta=25°C ±1% FS
Input Offset Voltage SCD1-AC<±100mV
Themal drift of Vo < ±1mV/°C
Resolution 10uA
immunity (to external interference) < ± 5mV When H=50A DC/m
Weight: SCD1-AC 125g
Withstand voltage 3kVrms/50Hz/min
Current consumption <20mA
Operating temperature -10~+75 °C
Storage temperature -25~+80 °C

1.SCD-AC Series sensor is AC/DC leakage current sensor adapt non-contact measurement, it can measure small AC, DC current MA level’s isolation in perforation measurement. M2 measure AC output, M1 measure DC output. 2.Zero position output of the sensor output can be adjusted according to user needs.
3.AC-GIN adjust the AC output value, DC-OFS adjust the zero DC.

Caution: This product is precision measuring device, please handle with care!

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