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Wide applications for Socan Hall Current Sensors

As the development of modern electronics industry technology grows so rapidly, modern industrial production processes are increasingly using electronic measurement and control systems. In the aspects of precise measurements, Hall sensor has been widely used in many field of industrial control.

SOCAN products have been widely applied in all aspects of industrial control, such as AC variable frequency speed control system, communication power control systems, DC panel power control system, electric vehicle control systems, wind , solar and other new energy systems, and so on.

SOCAN owns thousands of different series specifications of sensors, measurement principle include direct measurement, magnetic balance, magnetic modulation and other measuring principle, the current measurement range from 0.01A-3000A, voltage measurement range from 0-500V. Power supply includes single power supply, dual power supply. Output have voltage output, current output, standard transmitters and other means.

SOCAN TECHNOLOGIES current measurement cover most of the general-purpose products, we can also provide special customized current sensor according to your needs.

All products are R & D, Produced in accordance with international standards (EN50178), passed certifications such as CE, ROHS, etc., and we do in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 standards of management and production.

Adhering to the rigorous and realistic, best products philosophy, Socan Technologies focus on matching customer needs, improving product performance, optimizing product mix, will continued to give customers high-quality service.

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