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Upgrades for SCK3 Series products

Upgrades for SCK3 Series products

By our R&D efforts on inovation to SCK3 Series, we have now these upgrades, please old and new clients kindly noticed.

SCK3 Series Hall current sensors from the original S series is now upgraded to the L series. Upgrades as follows:

First, our company is now using advanced engineering plastic shell and flexible imported potting resin, sensor can work easily in the minus 40 degrees and zero 80 degrees;

Second, the terminal is upgrade from the earlier tin plated terminals to golden plated terminal, improve more easily oxidized contact performance;

Third, good accuracy and liearity. Our products adapt imported core from Japan and imported Hall chips enhance our product features.

The last but not least, our R & D staff by continuously working on innovation have made breakthrough progress in terms of anti-electromagnetic interference, and has obtained national patent (patent number: ZL201120420181.5). At present our products in the field of sensor is ahead of peers, has been highly appraised by our customers.

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