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Company News

The new website is launched

The new website is online, SoCan Technology work together with you!

Socan Technology official website carried a greater degree of update after revision, the new website is now officially launched. The new Socan technology website have a great deal of

improvement and innovation on the basis of the previous site.

1. As the electrical measurement sensor manufacturer, Socan technology has a strong and professional R & D team and automated production processes.

Manufacturers have more intuitive selection through the new site more and get in touch with us. Our sales representatives will be the first time to respond to your professional issues.

2. Add the sample application features, not only to provide more professional consultation platform for the user, but also  better product support.

3. Add product navigation page, direct and conventional comparable products all through the navigation pages.

4. Add Technical Specifications page after each product, users can directly download technical specifications there.

5. Add company promotional video, click the picture of about us on the home page, video can be viewed directly uploaded to YOUKU.

6. More friendly interactive interface and contacts approach.

7. Add product solution page, the user can learn embodied in various fields through this page sensor

8. At the same time, the content of the new website is also gradually improved and increased.

New features such as membership, subscriptions and more accurate search function will be available in the soon coming future.

Welcome new and old customers revamped our new website, should any problem or questions please contact us. We value your comments and suggestions. We will continue to work

hard and improve the functions, for better service for you!

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