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  • What is the AT meaning in some data sheet

    The AT you see from the data sheet and technical parameters is refers to the Ampere-turns. Usually open loop current sensor measure only 1 turns of the primary current.

    eg. if the sensor full scale is 100At, then a single pass of the winding through it would be 50A, if 2 times pass of the winding through, it will be read 25A*2T (Turns) at 50Amps.

  • Can I sell your products?

    Socan Technologies are looking for worldwide distributor. If you are interested for our products, we will be happy to review your request for becoming our distributor. Please contact our sales for more information.

  • How to order your products?

    You can place the order by send us e-mail or contact us by Phone.

    Welcome to contact us “ GET A QUOTE” or Email us.

    Preferred contact: requests by email are preferred, and you may want to include model, quantity, and other details. The more detailed your request, the faster we could give you reply.

  • How long is the lead time?

    Most standard model of our Hall Effect Current Sensors, Leakage current sensor such as SCK1, SCK3, SCK4, SCK18, SCB1 are available in stock, it could be ship to you fast.

    Other Current Sensors or voltage sensor requires 5-7 working days to produce.

    All the items will reach you by express within 3-7 working days after ship.

    And 7-20 working days for delivery if you prefer ship via China post (registered airmail, it is only available when goods no over 2KG for single package).

  • What’s your Minimum Order & Can I get sample first

    We usually do not require the Minimum order for the most often models, you can select the model by consulting with our sales directly.

    We welcome custom-made sensors: MOQ of custom-made is usually $100 due to the worker cost and set up time.

    Sure, welcome try sample. You can leave us the message which model and quantity of sample you want to try. After we confirmed sample details, it will be process as form order. Samples are charged.

  • How can I get wholesale price?

    After we receive your request by email, we will assign your needs to our representative to follow, she/he will give us the detail quotations.

    For large magnet orders (i.e. containers) we do require a sample approval. Usually, a sample lot will be made available after 5 days of your order confirmation. The sample will be shipped from our factory directly by express courier to your manufacturing center. Sample approval shall be done within a maximum of 7 days. After the approval, we will proceed with the order manufacturing. Large magnet orders are usually shipped by Express courier or By Sea as you required to destination.

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