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Shenzhen Socan Technologies Co.,Ltd

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1.Who are we?

Shenzhen Socan Technology Co., Ltd is a private high-tech enterprise, which focuses on R&D, manufacture and supply of current sensors and new electrical measuring instruments. With strong R&D capabilities, we have established a leading position among all domestic companies in the current measurement since our establishment in 2005.

2.What we do?

The company products involve:

DC leakage current sensors

AC leakage current sensors
Hall-effect open loop current sensors
Hall-effect closed loop current sensors
Voltage Transducer
Current transmitters
High precision and high stability dc current source etc

Many of them are being introduced and fill domestic gaps in electrical test products and promoted the development of the new products are being introduced to fill a number of electrical test products in domestic gaps, and promote the development of the electric field measurement.

3.Why choose us?

We have our own facilities for R&D, Production, Sales & Market, and Customer Support, specializing in the design, manufacture and delivery of customized solution. Equipped with all kinds of professional instruments and testing equipment, combined the professional standard of product testing methods, now we has an annual output of 5,000,000 or more products.

4. Our vision

We adhere to "quality first", provote "unity, dedication, pragmatism, innovation" as our enterprise culture, and use it as guidance throughout the company's overall operations. At present, enterprises are gradually and steady developments towards to standardization, escalation.Socan Technologieswill constantly focus on Current Measurement towards to professional goals, precision goods, perfect service and devote to innovation and development, to handle you a satisfactory answer.

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